Products & Services

Investment Product Solutions

We offer a full line of investment products and services, including traditional brokerage services, fee-based products, mutual funds, annuities and other insurance-related products.

Access Online

With Access Online you can provide your clients with a convenient and secure path to their First Clearing* accounts anytime and anywhere they have internet access.

Life Planning

Differentiate yourself by taking a holistic approach to your clients’ well-being. Developing an informed and well-rounded plan with your client strengthens your role as a trusted advisor and can help foster client loyalty. First Clearing provides access to a wide range of resources aimed at deepening the scope of the advisor-client relationship through detailed and ongoing planning around life transitions and unexpected events.

 Portfolio Management

One of the greatest challenges facing any investor is determining the most appropriate blend of assets to potentially achieve the investment objectives of the portfolio while mitigating the level of risk. Our Financial Representatives have access to a variety of advisory programs to manage assets in their client's portfolio to help clients meet their investment goals.